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"Brighten Your Day Scarf and Hat Giveaway"

"Brighten Your Day Scarf and Hat Giveaway"
Breast Cancer Initiative in support of Black and Latina Women
  On Thursday October 28, 2021 at Montefiore Cancer Care Center in the Bronx, Community Bridges to Success Incorporated presented its 1st annual "Brighten Your Day Scar and Hat Giveaway" to support the Black and Latina community on preventive cancer education. The BOLD program received 400 Scarves and Hats many of which were donated by Black and Latina small businesses. "For Black and Latina women hair is embedded in our culture, vibe and vigor. Sadly hair loss is one of the major challenges in treatment. We hope our Brighten You Day Giveaway brings a little joy during these challenging times"-- Leslie Harrison Neal/Founder President

to our partner HITN TV

THE BROWNSTONE, PALOMA BLUSH ROOM, SHADES OF ELEGANCE-small Black and Latina business owners- who support their communities...and we HAVE to support them!!!!

We hope that we were able to give a little joy and a whole lot of love during these challenging times.

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