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Summer Youth Employment Program 2022

CBTSI 2022 Summer Interns

Ms. Chaunci Niles

Ms. Fanta Sanker

Ms. Faith Alemon

Ms. Emmanuela 

katou Kamouri

Ms. Ruby Mejia

Ms. Jade Sales

Ms. Ikeela Roberts

Ms. Tameria Reid

Ms. Nyla Riveria

Ms. Tierra Robinson

Ms. Milie Madourie

Mr. Nayyabb Raquizzaman

Mr. Jahed Prince

Mr. Clifford Amoah

Mr. Jensy Rosario

Mr. Isaiah Reyes

Mr. Tyler Rosa

Mr. Jayden Roman

Mr. Darlin Holquin

Mr. Raymond Rosa

On August 11, 2022

CBTSI held a virtual symposium

Law Enforcement, Engagement and Community

Our panelists:

 PO Stephen Echevvarri

Mr. Angel Cruz, ESQ

 Mr. Darlin Holquin

 Mr. Jayden Roman

 Ms.  Leslie Harrison

The event was moderated by:

Mr. Nayyabb Raquibuzzaman and

Ms.  Emmanuela Katou Koumani

Mr. Isaiah Reyes contributed a blog to CBTSI website

Mr. Jahed Prince contributed to several blogs to our CBTSI website.

On July 21, 2022 CBTSI Interns did a virtual presentation "Cancer in the Community" for Montefiore Einstein Cancer Care Center CAB, presenters Mr. Clifford Amoah, Mr. Tyler Rosa, Ms. Jade Sales, Mr. Nayyabb Raquibuzzam and Ms. Emmanuela Katou Koumani. All of the interns attended the meeting and were able to add insight and ask questions.

Pphotos by Nayyabb Raquibuzzaman

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