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Happy New Year , Goodbye COVID...

And may this year bring on an abundance of blessings for you and your family.

Most of us are thawing out from from the apocalyptic nightmare of the the last two years only to be smacked with a myriad of COVID-19 variants. Just when I thought it was safe to venture to restaurants, browse shop at a mall or even to entertain at home my family and I got COVID-19. Thank God we're fully vaccinated so our symptoms are mild to say the least. Headaches, chills, super scratchy sand paper sore throats and the blah eh blah feeling. My husband and I share a two bedroom apartment with my twenty three year old daughter. And boy oh boy has this been extremely tough. Our home is not always blissful or peaceful but there are moments when we operate like a well oiled machine. That is UNTIL now when we're sick ALL at the same time.

So with guidance from , we divided the apartment; I have the living room and my husband and daughter have the bedrooms. Our apartment which normally feels so big has shrunk in size, our small bathroom is now a mere cramped space that requires constant spraying, mopping and wiping to fight off spreading the virus. Our terrace is our refuge..crisp clean air, that ok smells of the wonderful aromas from my neighbors exotic cooking combined with the musty city subway.

I immediately ordered from, gloves, masks, hand sanitizers, tissue, water and Gatorade, snack, Bounty, Tylenol, Theraflu, disposable spoons, and plates, soups , throat lozenges etc.

In the height of COVID-19 I started a playlist (COVID QUE) for easy listening, working out (okay not so much working out) and mediating, ordered from a Beurer pulse oximeter and a Homedics non contact infrared body thermometer....So needless to say I AM READY!

But as prepared as I assumed that I am, I wasn't prepared for the frozen fear each of us had. And then the attitudes started everyone wanted something different and at the same time. My daughter wants honey and vanilla tea and my husband wants ginger lemon (not tea bags, actual ginger mind you), she's a vegetarian and he's a picky eater. Our weekly meals consists of individually wrapped or individual cups of chewy bars, applesauce, throat lozenges, cans of vegetarian vegetable soup and New England clam chowder, water and Gatorade.

Every morning, noon and night I ( fully masked and gloved) knock on the doors armed with my Thermometer gun to that the temps and a daily log of our oxygen levels , knowing that under 95 is an emergency visit.

Feeling better I made desserts to lift their spirits.

Covid-19 Crunch-granola, blackberries, cool whip, layered with strawberries topped with cool whip and granola..nice crunchy cool and sweet and refreshing!

During this time I binged on ABC's "Blackish", HBO's "Station Eleven" and Starz's "Step Up High Water" so I'm caught up in a trifecta of loving all my blackness, scared witless of impending doom and a pop locking dancing maniac with the living room all to myself. I take my own temperature and log my own oxygen level while humming "I'm Ev'ry Woman", I made homemade chicken soup and

vegetable soup..because it keeps me busy and nourishes our soul. And yes I envision myself as the "Barefoot Contessa"..Ina Gartner. Armed for battle with my faith, my playlist from two years ago, recipes, instacart and care packages that was started over two years ago...we will be okay. Three people not feeling up to par with COVID at the same time has been taxing we are a little tethered but a lot more knowledgeable about COVID-19 Omricon...But wait a minute what's that on the news...FLUMICRON????

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